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Dog Teeth Cleaning No Anesthesia!

GT Dog Grooming Elite Bronze 0-18 lbs

  •  One Time of 
  • Every week for 52 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks for 52 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks for 52 weeks

Cut and file nails, brush teeth, clean ears, trim pads, sanitary areas, brush, comb out, express anal glands, hypoallergenic bath with softened water, whitening shampoo, medicated bath, flea shampoo. Also includes hand dry, fluff and Signature Groom

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Well, welcome inside the grooming table and I want to share with you a couple things that make us different at the Grooming Table.First of all,  everything is the best of the best, from start to finish! All natural, no chemicals!  All our services are included so you don’t have to worry about being nickel-and-dime to death.So become a member and make your dog healthy and happy He or she will love it here. Dogs come running in the door. We have clients that come in every two weeks, every one week, every four weeks. Basically that’s what we provide,All grooming services are included. Everything a from cleaning the ears, that’s a twenty dollar value. Brushing the teeth,  it’s a twenty dollar value. Expressing anal glands, you  obviously don’t want that on your carpet.  Hand cut and file nails, also a twenty dollar value.  We trim the pads and sanitary areas,  that’s a twenty dollar value. We also do dead hair removal, which many dog grooming salons just don’t remove dead hair. It’s the dead hair causing all the problems. Smell, parasites, skin problems of all kinds, allergies,
matting and more.  We take the dead hair out if your dog when they get groomed.  Unlike other places that claim they do everything, but do not take out the dead hair.
Other places just cut the nails bath them, dry them and clip them.  We include flee shampoo. That’s a twenty dollar value. I know your dog never has flees because they get treatment. Don’t forget the fleas have to drink your dogs blood before the drug poisons the fleas. The flee shampoo kills whats there and helps keep the fleas off of them in the first place. After that, we give them a medicated shampoo to relieve any itching they may have. That’s a twenty to thirty dollar value and can save you hundreds at the vet.
We also do training and daycare all day long. Dogs are in and out of the kennels, being worked with or playing and lounging in our doggie hangout rooms. It’s great, that is priceless.
We provide over a hundred dollars in extra services each time your dog comes in for one of our elite grooming services. There are no surprises, what you sign up for is what you get.
Nobody can match this in the dog grooming industry. Your dog will be pampered and taken care better than any dog, anywhere in the country.  So come on and sign up for one of the grooming table memberships. We now have five different packages and different levels where we can do flea preventative and dental teeth scraping(teeth cleaning and polishing).

So go ahead and get signed up and we will get your dog on the road to being healthy and happy!

Grooming Table truly cares about your dogs grooming needs and strive to be your dog groomer. Here are some helpful tip to get you off to a great start when working with any animal. Hint, it also works with people. Be calm assertive, not hyper aggressive.  When working with a dog, the dog must sense that you have control at all times. We are talking about self control. Self control is critical to having a dog trust you. If a person is nervous, jumpy or just had too much coffee, a dog will sense this as weakness and will not feel comfortable being around you. Relax, try breathing deeply, it will help relieve any tension in the body and calm the mind. Listening to calming music also helps set the proper environment to work in.

Know When to Say When

It is critical to know when to take a break, frequent breaks help maintain calmness and assertiveness. Your best ally when working with animals is time. Resist the temptation to speed up the process because of others things needing to get done, other people are rushing you to finish. Rushing can get you or the animal injured. The stats show that more often than not, you will be the one getting injured, not the animal. We know most people don’t want to hear this, but rushing any person that works with animals is a very bad idea. Try scheduling ample time to complete the tasks at hand. Time is your friend and you can never know how a animal will behave. Animals have their own minds.


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