Frappe using your French poodle. Latte with all your Lhasa. Mocha along with your mutt.

Dogs get bathed and owners get Alters at Community Bark, 326 W. Brown Deer Road, Bayside, a new business that is part dog wash, part coffee bar – the sole food/Fido operation that’s code compliant in Wisconsin, in line with state officials.

The combo of caffeine and canines may make a lot of people scratch their ears. But this store makes sense to dog people and Community Bark owner Andrew Apple.

Apple had worked in marketing and purchases at GE before picking his new enterprise, which opened Sept. 18.

“I think marketing eBay picked me. I felt there weren’t enough places in Milwaukee which are dog-friendly where people might be making use of their dogs and savor it,” he said.

“Every dog wash I ever saw was so clinical, so sterile, with all the stainless-steel tubs. However went along to a self-dog wash in Hillcrest where citizens were socializing all night. Fun. I figured, ‘What might make it more social? Coffee!’ “

Community Bark has two separate operations. One side suits humans only, serving up Alters coffee and baked goods. Sorry, Rover: No dogs allowed in the administration area.